1- The company behind BIBA


The BIBA brand is above all a family business. It is owned by DCM Argentona, which the father founded in Barcelona in 1990 and distributes the Mandarina Duck brand. The son is now taking over and the daughters are talented stylists.

The company and the brand are committed to environmentally sound approaches. It attaches importance to everyone involved in the manufacturing process.

The products are designed and designed to last over time, removing them from the disposable issue.

>In addition, the brand enjoys craftsmanship that has grown over time. The two stylists are none other than girls, designers who are constantly developing new designs.

Biba's goal is to offer fashion accessories to people who value quality, comfort and beauty.

2- The brand's creations

In addition, Biba bags is a brand that attaches great importance to the quality of its products. Worked with bovine and ovine hides intended for food breeding. The creations of Biba bag have an original and light appearance that immediately attracts attention.

The brand offers models with a panel of soft and feminine colors, adapted to current fashion.

It offers a wide choice of collections or products, in different sizes and varied characteristics. The models, worked with care, have a natural rendering with character.

3- Advantages of Biba bags collections

Collections from Biba bags have many advantages that can be identified in their manufacturing cycle or their final rendering.

We then find soft leather products handcrafted of good quality.

The leathers of Biba bags are also fine and light. Whatever your style, or your preferences: smooth leather, braided or studded or small, medium, large, the choice is yours. Finally, as if that were not enough, Biba offers a wide range of colors.

Best of all, the tanneries are handmade, which brings an exclusive side to each bag.

Biba is also thoughtful bags and leather accessories for women. They are lightweight and have plenty of interior and exterior pockets. It’s just all we love!


Finally, to add beauty and practicality, BIBA bags are reasonably priced with excellent value for money.

Biba is committed to providing non-disposable and functional parts that will delight their users.

The brand uses natural fibers and wool, treated by different processes such as braiding or washing. These different techniques allow each piece to be unique and to improve over time.

Lovers of practical, flexible, light and simple handbags, pouches and wallets Feel free to get started, you will not be disappointed.

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